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Strict Intake

Strict Intake depends on a variety of factors.

Some extreme diets can limit your daily intake to a few hundred calories a day or you may be limited to a few nuts and berries. However, nutritional value is crucial in a healthy intake and diet.

Nutrient and energy packed foods are the key to keeping you running throughout the day while avoiding overeating to receive all the necessary nutrients for your body to function.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein are examples of these nutrient dense foods. However, too much of anything can be detrimental, so consumption in moderation is also key.

Dieting is a balancing act. Between what you eat and how much. You don’t necessarily have to give up that all-time-favorite meal or keep yourself from participating in the birthday cake or pie. Limit the amount and frequency of these, and you may find your cravings begin to subside.

If you have a sweet tooth that nothing can satisfy, try substituting those high glycemic foods out for healthier options such as fresh or dried fruits.

You don’t have to quit cold-turkey or flip a 180 in your dieting habits. Starting slowly and gradually increases chances of adherence and conformation to a change and you can eventually transform your diet into a healthier one.

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